This measure governs the means by which an operator can obtain reliable “binding” information on customs classification, origin or other customs treatment of goods before introducing them. This measure governs the presentation by traders of documents/data that customs and other border management authorities need for the importation, export and transit of goods through a “single window” or “single deposit”. UNCTAD – Facilitating global trade and global traffic during COVID-19 ITC – Managing COVID-19 by facilitating trade WTO World Trade Organization/World Trade Organization Founded in 1995, supporter of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade). This measure governs international transit regimes and the promotion of regional and bilateral transit agreements and coordination. This has revived the process by which national trade laws are made. Traders and other parties should have the opportunity to vote on trade proposals, customs legislation and administrative provisions. Here you will find all the presentations made by different delegations at all the meetings of the TF committee, as well as the main excerpts from all the thematic discussions. This measure governs the special or preferential customs treatment granted to reliable operators. 5th Session: WTO Trade Facilitation NegotiationsWhy a Needs Analysis? For developing countries: the implementation of members` implementation capacity will decide when they can implement any trade facilitation measures. . An increase in the number of classification disputes Complaints from importers and exporters of inefficiencies in the classification procedure have been filed. Status and Challenges of the Trade Facilitation Agreement Implementation in Afghanistan Central American Trade Facilitation and Competitiveness Strategy, with a focus on coordinated border management (only in Spanish) Certified Economic Operators (AEO) – Customs Accredited Client Programme . .

. Execution of domestic and international transit operations. G/TFA/W/19 – U.S. Communication – Exchange of Experiences .