The contract must include, among other things, the names of the parties involved, the loan, a list of chattels, the start and end date of the lease (if it has a fixed duration) and a contact address for the lessor. When the rental agreement ends and there has been no damage to the property, unpaid rent or other disputes, both parties sign a refund form and the deposit is refunded. Option allowance A landlord can request the “option”: no more than one weekly rent in advance on bail for the custody of a house or apartment. It must be reimbursed or placed on your rent if you take out the lease. `an agreement for a duration equal to the duration of another contract which may be granted under an option of 99 years or more than 99 years` (see 8(1)(j)) The rental court shall check whether the rent in the rental agreement does not exceed the maximum rent allowed for your room, apartment or house. This is done on the basis of the housing evaluation system (woningwaarderingsstelsel), also known as the points system. Based on a visit to your home, the rental court sets an amount of points for your room, apartment or house. The more points your house is worth, the higher the maximum rent for the room, apartment or house can be. Subsequently, the matter is usually referred to mediation. If the matter is not resolved, the Tribunal may hold a formal hearing.

Involve the rental court if you can`t reach an agreement with your landlord. If you can`t agree with your landlord on the new rent, you can go to the rental court. While you don`t have to let your landlord know, it`s considered polite. My building freezes in winter. What are my rights? The owners only have to provide heating in the living room. If there is no heating in the living room, talk to your landlord or contact the rental service. For rental bond applications, call 0800 737 666. It is important to note that a housing rental agreement can be written, oral or a combination of both. There may also be cases where the agreement is not covered by law or there is no written agreement. .

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