A partner or creditor may also apply to the court for a dissolution decision on a fair and equitable principle. It is possible to include a non-petition contract in the partnership agreement to protect against it. If the Clerk has reason to believe that a UNEP is not active or is not in operation, he or she may remove the partnership from the registry. A complemanent may also require that a UNEP be removed from the register for the payment of a prescribed fee. A partner or creditor aggrieved by a strike may request that the ELP be reinstated. A UNEP is considered dissolved as soon as it has been cancelled. The simple limited partnership agreement should carefully delineate the respective roles of general partners and sponsors to ensure that there is no unintended loss of limited liability. With regard to the komplenurn`s violation of the Fund`s documents, because it did not provide information, and information to which the sponsorship partner is entitled under the ELP Act, the commander would normally have the following means of redress: (i) an injunction for a specified benefit that requires the komplenurn partner to provide information; and (ii) an action for damages against the Compleer for violation of the LPA and/or ELP laws, if it can be established that the commander suffered harm as a result of the offence. Under the ELP Act, sponsors are partners who do not hold the partnership business or hold assets on behalf of the partnership and whose responsibility for partnership commitments is generally limited to the amount of their agreed partnership commitment. The partnership agreement may stipulate that contributions are payable in a single amount or in increments and may be payable in cash or by transfer of non-solvency assets, such as real estate or investments to the company. A person appointed by the Commanding Officer of the Board of Directors or the Board of Directors can thus enforce the relevant provisions of the Fund`s documents and is entitled to obtain the necessary documents to properly examine and verify the purpose of the functions of that board or committee in order to properly discharge his or her duties as a member of such a board or committee (there is also the argument that such a clause is implicit in the Fund`s documents to give it a professional effectiveness). As noted above, you do not lose your limited liability status if sponsorships are not involved in the company`s business in dealing with third parties. The ELP Act contains, for example, a non-exhaustive list of common actions that can be taken by a sponsor without assuming that he or she participates in UNEP activities, including: a complemanist is legally obliged to act in good faith at all times and in the interest of the ELP, subject to the contrary provisions of the social contract.