Research on equity and community control in the next system. Each of these methods is an attempt to occupy space that might otherwise be filled by a robust, community-controlled CBA effort. CBAs work best for large development projects in urban areas, where there is a broad community coalition and developers want community support to get public grants and/or approval for a proposed project. Representatives of the municipalities are in a stronger position to negotiate if the city shares the political objectives of the communal coalition and encourages the creation of a CBA. Below you will find a fundamental explanation of the benefits for the Community. To familiarize yourself with the details of how they work, please also read these resources: Community Benefits coalitions recognize that new quality development is essential to expanding prosperity. Coalitions are looking for a role in designing this evolution and know that no one will win if the project fails. Since a CBA is a legally binding contract, it can only be enforced by the parties who signed it. The BCAs included in development agreements can be implemented by both the government and community groups. [5] To date, there is no case law on the validity and applicability of CBAs. Donald Trump`s 1993 CBA contract for the New York City Riverside South project was the subject of a notice from New York`s Appellate Division in 2008, but the court ruled that the terms of the contract had expired. [9] Kingsbridge Armory, New York – In 2013, kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Alliance, a coalition of several Bronx community groups, signed an agreement with the developer of the Kingsbridge National Ice Center to transform former military equipment into a hockey sports complex. The CBA guaranteed sustainable wages, gave 51 percent of unbuilt jobs to local workers, and set up a developer-funded residents` scholarship to learn how to install and maintain the developer`s geothermal and solar power systems.

Proponents of the CBA argue that the community benefits approach improves the development process for the community, developers, and local officials by creating an overall win-win scenario. [9] Some of the principles and goals that proponents of the CBA want to promote are that the CBA is a legally binding outcome of negotiations between the developer and community members who have partnered to protect the interests of their community. These bonds are usually monetary, but they can also include non-monetary benefits (for example. B investments in a community centre, an affordable housing fund, agreements to pay workers a living wage, legal assistance, etc.). “Community” can be as narrow as the neighborhood concerned by a particular project, or as wide as an entire city. In Los Angeles, for example, a CBA, negotiated with the owners of the Live Sports and Entertainment Complex, offers support for community-based vocational training and recruitment programs, as well as zero-interest loans to non-profit residential developers. Although many SAAs have proven to be effective instruments for improving the economic development process, a large number of criticisms have been made. Perhaps the most important criticism is that the SAAs fail to ensure that they are truly representative of the needs and wishes of the Community. .