Over time, our emotions in our relationships can take small hits that add up to resentment or conflict. If feelings are hurt and not addressed, they can cause irritation and aggravation that erupt or erupt at unfavorable or unfavorable times. To avoid these emotional outbursts in our relationships, it`s important to address heart problems when and where they occur. “It`s not realistic to expect both partners to see everything on an equal footing,” David Bennett, a certified consultant and relationship expert, tells Bustle. “However, if both people can resolve disagreements in a way that relies on honesty, friendliness and compromise. The relationship will be successful. And for some types of disagreement, like the ones below, the ability to communicate openly about it may actually indicate that your relationship is getting stronger. While television can paint a nice picture of relationships, they are often marred by conflicts that are difficult to navigate, unless you keep a focused and restless head. Every relationship ends up going through trials, and they usually focus on a few categories: our emotions, our control, our intimacy, our plans for the future, and how we present ourselves (or don`t appear) to the other person. Some of the most common, unjustified reasons given by abusive partners for their attempts at power and control are: couples therapists call this a “desired discredit” when one person wants sex more frequent than the other in a relationship. Don`t choose the time when you have a million things in front of you and try not to schedule the conversation at a time when your emotions are at an all-time high.

In deep conversations (when it comes to relationships), it`s all about growing and creating space. Say what you need to say, but make sure your partner can also be comfortable enough to say what they need to say. Sharing budget responsibility is a common source of stress, especially when things are unclear. Who will take out the garbage? Who is responsible for finance? Who takes care of domestic affairs like phone calls to set up the plumber (and who stays from home to meet him)? “If you have parents who are struggling to overcome disagreements,” Pickhardt said, “that`s probably not a big sign.