To succeed, everyone has to pull together, and the rope has to be straight and tight. And all brothers are capable men, men capable of working together. All the men in this room are Slavic, and we Slavs must work together, or we are lost. Make joint efforts, cooperate, as if we are working together, I am sure we will respect our quotas. [In the late 1700s] Mebbe we will all unite for the other shore before the end of the night. Contract a little. Gather or gather, as in Once we gather all the facts, we will understand the situation. [Late 1800s] Get together. What a folly to think that she and I could work together. The sun and moon then shoot together, and we get the highest or the spring hours (fig. 232). The act of rowing; Like: “Pull the starboard rough,” “Pull together.” Let`s get together every day, because arguments lead to infertility.

They have to learn that they are a crowd — and they do not work together at all. We need all the men we can count on, and I want you and Vandersee to work together.