12. Relations with the EBA for Mental Health There are two enterprise agreements, which apply to public sector nurses (not midwives), one of which is the 2016-2020 Enterprise Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020 , which covers all public health services. The latter agreement is due for renegotiation and, as a general rule, we get the same results for nurses employed under the EBA. Once this is concluded, the revised proposed agreement will be distributed to all affected workers, with information explaining the changes. There is a complexity that we cannot easily control, that is, because the agreement applies to more than one employer negotiating together, the federal minister of labour relations must approve an “individual interest agreement.” Second, this “single interest rate application” must be approved by the Fair Work Commission. This process has not yet taken place. 1. How does the ANMF decide what rights to assert? Each year, an ANMF and hundreds of our Reps and Health and Safety Reps jobs meet at the annual delegate conference. Job Reps and HSR bring requests requested and supported by members to their workplaces at the conference on improving agreements, corporate relations and other issues. The amendments will be debated and put to a vote.

If the applications are supported by the majority of delegates, they then inform the various EBA protocols of the claims that the ANMF sends to the branch for approval. We are also looking for changes resulting from disputes or difficulties with the existing conditions of the EBA, and we are developing internal ideas to address what we believe will benefit our broader membership. This contract covers the main areas of travel services: a number of issues related to clarifying existing rights, such as the link with care leave. B the non-transfer of salary increases and non-payment of your qualification allowance. The ANMF encourages members to respond to these types of requests to our support service anmfvic.asn.au/memberassistance you must be an approved travel book to use the smart portal. Talk to your department`s main contact to create or change your travel log profile.