Topics include revision/modification of the development plan, development assessment, complaints and the application of civil law, ERD judicial procedures, freedom of information, etc. These are available online at If you want certification, call the EDO on (08) 8359 2222. (3) The Minister, a Greenway authority or a council is authorized to perform on private property any work that is subject to an appointment provision in accordance with this section. To begin the process, the authority must send a letter of intent for land acquisition to anyone interested in the country [Land Acquisition Act 1969 (SA) s 10]. A notice of acquisition does not bind the Authority to complete the acquisition of land. The Authority may decide not to pursue the acquisition. If the construction affects the stability of other lands or lands, the owner must present to the owner of the land or building concerned, at least twenty-eight days before the start of the work, a memorandum of understanding on the completion of the work and the nature of the work. The owner must take all necessary measures to protect the land or neighbouring land, including the measures requested by the Council, and complete other work that the adjacent owner may require. Even if a contractor meets these requirements, he or she may be responsible for injuries due to negligent construction work [Development Act 1993 (SA) s 60]. If the authority acquired land under the Land Acquisitions Act 1969 (SA) and the person who owns the acquired land acquired other land within 12 months of acquiring the land to replace the acquired property, the Authority may pay the transfer fee related to the acquisition of the replacement land (i.e. stamp duty, transfer registration fee, etc.). [see Land Acquisition Act 1969 (SA) s 26D (2)].

A request for payment of compensation fees related to replacement land must be submitted by the Authority within 24 months of the acquisition of the land [s 26D(3) (b)], and replacement land must be generally similar to land acquired and acquired in the same ownership structure as acquired land [see Land Acquisition Act 1969 (SA) s 26D (4) and Land Acquisition Regulations 2019 (SA) r 15]. (10) An agreement under this section may provide for the imposition of rates or taxes on the land, but, unless otherwise stated, such an agreement does not affect the obligations of a landowner under another law. In addition, a person may request that the authority not acquire the land on the grounds that the acquisition and any obligation: a land management contract becomes mandatory as soon as it is registered on the certificate of ownership. It binds the current owner of the land, whether the LMA was originally manufactured with that owner or not. The authorities can temporarily travel to any country without having to acquire the land. Public authorities may occupy temporarily for purposes authorized by law: anyone affected by temporary employment can ask the court for interest in the land or compensation within three months. There are specific provisions that apply to the country of origin. The National And Evaluation Department of the Supreme Court is the court responsible for adjudicating disputes within the meaning of this Act [see Land Acquisition Act 1969 (SA) s 29].

Anyone who has acquired land is entitled to compensation for the value of the country and the loss suffered. If the value of the land and the amount of compensation cannot be determined, the Authority must, at the request of the person concerned, convene a conference of expertise [Land Acquisition Act 1969 (SA) s 23(7)]. The Valuers conference is a meeting of evaluators who conducted separate field assessments to determine a land assessment acceptable to both evaluators. Lands that may be occupied by the authority by temporary occupancy include land, i.e.: (2 quinz) A person is entitled to a copy of a convention covered in point 2b) for payment of the prescribed tax.