The presentation of the Montana commercial lease documents the parameters necessary for the conclusion of a commercial lease. Such a contract form is useful in that it covers the agreed contractual terms that a commercial landowner and a commercial tenant wish to comply with in order to obtain the benefits of entering into such a contract. This serves as a method both to promote a good owner-tenant relationship and to create a sense of security. Finally, it is a legal contract which, once signed and dated by all parties involved, will be enforceable in court. In other words, if a party violates the conditions and refuses to correct the situation, the insulted party may deal with the matter in court if the offender may be forced to comply with its obligations. Monthly Rental – Presents a documentation tool describing the rental conditions of a property. This particular agreement allows both parties to terminate the commitment before the term is completed with a notification of thirty (30) days. Move-In Checklist (No. 70-25-206) – All apartment buildings that are rented with the application for a security deposit are required to provide a register of defects written in the home at the beginning of the rent. The objective data set must be signed by the owner or management company to be compared to the condition of the property at the time of termination of the lease. Identification of the landlord or authorized person (Article 70-24-301) – In the rental agreement presented, the current names and addresses must be listed as the owner and administration of the rented apartment. The State of Montana requires that if the due date is not set in the rental literature, it is expected at the beginning of the month. Under the regulatory law, there is no additional time frame for circumventing the costs of the lease (s.

70-24-201). Montana Code does not provide observed display on a maximum amount that can be calculated for a security deposit on a rental property. The amount must be guaranteed in an account separate from each fund for the duration of the rental period.