Are there vehicles that are not eligible for the price of the plan? Yes, it may be possible to negotiate a better price in very competitive markets. However, ford`s plan prices are rather exceptional and offer a simple shopping experience. Partner Identification Prices (X-Plan) are a pre-determined special price. The X-Plan prize is based on Ford Employee (A-Plan) price – 4% – $150. Plan prices are managed by Ford and can be changed without notice. Contact your CarsDirect Trusted Dealer to confirm current rules and restrictions and confirm authorization. Yes, yes. We offer a number of sources to explore prices and incentives for certain vehicles. If you go to the “Vehicles and Price” tab in, see a full list of all Ford Motor Company authorized vehicles as part of the plan.

Click on your vehicle of your choice to get the starting prices for MSRP and Plan. Additional links are provided to other Ford Motro websites, which allow you to obtain AXZ-Plan prices for certain vehicles in dealer inventory, as well as current incentives and regional offers for eligible vehicles. Price and incentive information is regularly updated. However, for weather reasons, some information may not reflect the most recent status. Please contact your retailer for the latest product information, price and incentive. Buyers should be aware that the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E operates under other price rules. The discount is almost identical, but varies for Plan A by an advertising fee of 0.25%. 21.

What is the price of Plan X and is it better than the AZ plan prices? The price of Ford`s plan offers compelling alternatives to those who qualify. However, there is not a single better answer for everyone, so be sure to consider all your decisions before making a decision. Plan X prices are -1% of the dealer`s bill depending on the vehicle. While Plan X and AZ offer very competitive prices for Ford products, the AZ plan offers superior savings. The best way to do this is to receive several offers near you so you know what local prices look like. Alternatively, the best dealers will check your options and let you know what is the best offer for your unique location. Plan prices are not available for special edition products. Click here for a list of ineligible products. 20. What is the price of the AZ plan and how do I know if I`m getting a good offer? Eligible employees, retirees and spouses can purchase or lend up to four vehicles per calendar year through the Partner Recognition Program (X-Plan). All Ford vehicles must be titled and registered on behalf of the worker or spouse (vehicles must not be titled or registered in a company name).

Other family members are entitled to the recognition of their partner. As an AZ plan participant, you are allowed to see the dealer`s bill for the vehicle you want to purchase. Ask the DISTRIBUTOR to present you with this invoice and to display the price of the AZ plan for your evaluation.