No more bs of apfa. We need a real Union. This offers real representation and bed with AA management. We need the AFA or the Teamsters. Even the Girl Scouts of America would do better in September 2012: US Airways and American would start exchanging confidential information about operations and finance. [Citation required] This cooperation is subject to a confidentiality agreement (NDA) between the two parties, which provides for a mandatory “rest period” during which no party can speak publicly about the merger talks. The agreement also binds UCC members, including APFA. Post 2012: APFA, APA and TWU announce that they have entered into agreements with the US Airways management team and that American`s three major unions support a merger of the two controlled airlines with the US Airways team. This development is unprecedented in the event of major airline bankruptcies and is a remarkable step in the work organized to exercise control over their own destiny. [Neutrality is controversial] APFA`s bridge contract with US Airways provides for a fixed-term contract, while the two airlines merge and a guaranteed network collective agreement is concluded. In addition, the agreement includes a voluntary early-out program that allows cabin crew to make a lump sum payment and retire. Like American`s requests, the agreement with US Airways is granted.

However, US Airways` plan for the merged airline allows the company to grow and compete, providing long-term job stability. [Citation required] Feb 2012: American publishes its Terms Sheets, which detail the concessions it will seek through work in accordance with Section 1113 of the Bankruptcy Act. Section 1113 allows insolvent companies to invalidate their employment contracts and impose new concession contracts with the judge`s consent. In general, the threat of draconian contracts encourages unions to enter into reciprocal agreements on concession contracts. The term U.S. leaders offers APFA dramatic reductions in wages, benefits and labor rules, and the loss of hundreds of air hostess jobs. [Citation required] Aug 2012: Faced with the prospect of living under American`s draconian press kit, APFA approves the latest offer, the best and final (LBFO) of the management. Although the LBFO is making substantial improvements to the appointment sheet, including the VEOP, this is still a very conceded agreement. APFA, APA and TWU continue to commit to a merger with US Airways in the event of bankruptcy. As part of this strategy, the TWU also ratifies a concession agreement. The APA opposes its first interim agreement, but a letter “Me Too”, guaranteed by the APFA, ensures that the work savings of the pilot contract correspond to the savings achieved in the cabin crew CBA.

There is also limited flexibility in the number of foreign cabin crew members the airline may hire due to the complexity of contract contracts. Currently, the company can employ a maximum of 394 foreign cabin crew at its Latin American bases, plus 2.75 percent of APFA representatives. When I was elected, I promised you that my department would fight violations of our contract by the company, refuse agreements that will change our contract without ratification of membership, and put the company on fire. That`s exactly what we did! Nov 2012: The APA negotiates a second TA and sends it to the vote of the members. On December 7, the pilots ratified the TA.